Zandra Hall


Off Duty Mom Was Created.

With a strong start in the entertainment industry founded on a degree in Communication and Fine Arts from Troy University (AL), Zandra Hall has gained a large degree of experience in learning to juggle a busy lifestyle as an actress, professional coach , momagerr, and entrepreneur. As God would have it, the progressing career of her daughter Amadi forced Zandra to think outside the box in order to withstand the hectic lifestyle of the entertainment industry.

Each day Zandra dealt with a range of decisions and demands from her multiple roles,and also maintaining the balance between Amadi and to give an equal fulfilling life to Karter, her younger son.

For a while, she believed as long as her children were taking care of that was all that mattered . Until one day Zandra’s whole world began to close in on her ,and she knew if she did not make a drastic change and fast, she would suffer the loss of everything she worked so hard for including her daughter’s role on the hit Emmy award winning tv show “Ghostwriter” .

In all the celebrated moments Zandra had forgotten to take care of herself. She decided the only way for her to be the best mom she could be she had to work on being the best Zandra she could be . She just started with one day a week she forced herself to think of herself all day . She ate what she wanted that day ,and she decided where she wanted to go. She just started with just one day. The beautiful part was she did not have to do this without the kids all the time .

It was just a conscious decision to not forget about her needs . With each passing day she noticed how she began to feel ,she had more energy ,and she was in a better mood. Overall, she was getting back to her. Zandra quickly realized she couldn’t keep this to herself .

She wanted to learn how she could better assist mothers like herself. Zandra then went on to receive her certification in professional coaching from Fowler Academy.

Moms everywhere put so much energy into the lives of family, friends ,and career with all the love they can create. Unknowingly, they neglect their own mental, social, physical, and spiritual needs.

Zandra is dedicated to assisting mothers in prioritizing self care to preserve the value of what they are giving. Burnt out? It's time to go 'off duty...mom'. Rest, Relax, Revive.


Zandra Hall

Founder and CEO